Our Association

The United States Ice Rink Association (formerly - Serving The American Rinks) is a non-profit national membership association for individuals, facilities and vendors in the ice rink and arena industry. The organization was formed in 2000 through a joint venture between U.S. Figure Skating and USA Hockey with the intent of servicing the needs of ice skating facilities and their employees in the United States.


To advance the ice rink industry through membership, world-class education, training, resources and events.


We are the premier membership organization dedicated to fostering the success of the ice rink industry in the United States.


  • Our partnership with USA Hockey, U.S. Figure Skating, and the ORFA have been instrumental in the development and continued evolution of our organization.
  • All of us – industry professionals, facilities, vendors, allied associations, national governing bodies (NGBs), organization leaders, staff and volunteers – must work together if we are to achieve our mission and vision
  • We advance facility operations, management and safety by providing educational and training opportunities that raise the level of professionalism in the ice rink industry
  • It is important to make education affordable and accessible for all in the industry
  • We inspire individuals to advance their careers in the ice rink industry
  • We provide vendors a direct conduit to present their products and services to consumers
  • By offering various forums, we bring the industry together to foster professional and personal relationships in a supportive community
  • We promote the sharing of knowledge within the industry by collaborating with organizations and associations whose goals and activities compliment ours
  • We must ensure the long term financial sustainability of the organization


  1. Promote the sustainability and growth of the ice rink industry
  2. Raise the level of professionalism amongst ice rink industry members by becoming the undisputed leader in education, training, and resources
  3. To provide our members with exclusive networking, educational, and professional development opportunities